I have a 6 months old baby boy, The first time I was a father, I didn't expect the baby to grow up and needed to buy so many things, milk powder, diapers, covers, headwear, necklaces, bibs, strollers, rattles and so on. After buying so much, I found that Chinese products are all good, so I decided to push them to the world. I need to do something and hustle more to make my little baby proud.

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The company has been developing for nearly 2 years, and I have gradually established my own team. Now we have 6 employees, who are responsible for sales, purchasing, and quality inspection. I have also found investors in Hong Kong, and our products have also been sold to the United States, Israel, Poland, Australia, South Africa, Thailand, and other countries, and things are getting better and better.

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Whether you are an established company or just another startup company starting out. Whether you work at a 1000sq ft corner office with a 10000 sq ft warehouse in the back or basement of your home, you'll need a reliable partner in China,It is easier to work with us. Why? Coz we are 24/7, All time zones friendly. We make your idea into reality..

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We wholesale all types of baby products such as teething mittens,pacifiers,bibs,to help your business


A wide variety of baby product options are available to you, such as style, logos.


Our after-sale team will offer the specific solutions , if you have any question about our products within 30 days after you receive the bulk

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